Q. The printer is facing problems in feeding paper from the tray

1. See the paper guides in the related tray, if there is greater than 1 installed. If the guides are not aligned properly, the paper will not sit properly in the tray and hence paper misfeeds are likely.

2. If all the guides are aligned properly then clean the hopping roller and pick-up pad. The pick-up pad is usually got at the frontage of the tray in the centre. It is typically a grey rubber quadrangle installed on a spring loaded bracket.

Q. How to solve paper jammed problem?

Proper paper handling is solution to make sure trouble-free printing. Though, sometime paper jams take place.

You can enhance paper feeding and shun jams in your printers, by following these steps:

Loading the Paper: At the time of loading paper, buff the stack of paper prior to placing it in the tray. It will shake out any dust from the paper dust.

Recommended Media: Use the paper that is specified for the printer

Cleaning: Sometimes clean the rubber rollers within the region that holds the paper tray using a soft cloth.

Q. How to load paper in the printer?

Use the below given instructions to load paper into the paper tray:

  • Position the paper tray on a plane surface.
  • Compress the locking method on the rear length guide, then lift it up, and then slide it to the back of the tray.
  • If the paper you are taking into use is longer than A4, then press the square green button given on the bottom of your paper tray to free the back of the tray, and drag the tray out to expand it.
  • Compress the right-side breadth guide, then lift it up, and glide the guides to the edges of the tray.
  • Confirm that the paper tray plate has gone down into the bottom of the paper tray. If the paper tray is locked in the upper position, drag the lever at the front of the paper tray to let go the plate, or drive the paper tray totally into the printer and then eliminate it.
  • Align the sides of the paper and put the paper in the middle of the tray with the print side down. Confirm that you position the paper at the middle of the tray.
  • Grasp the right breadth guide, then lift it up, and regulate the guides to go with the paper breadth.
  • Grip the length guide, then lift it up, and then adjust the guide to go with the paper length. Confirm that the length guide is resolutely seated into the nuance on the bottom of the paper tray.
  • Grasp the paper tray using both hands and put it into the tray carefully on the printer.
  • Thrust the paper tray totally into the printer. Confirm that the tray is correctly seated.

Q. What to do when printer is not printing properly?

If you experience any kind of print quality issues for instance, faint print, streaking, or missing prints, then the foremost thing you should do is to clean the LED heads. These LED heads are situated at the top cover of the printer, they are slim black glass strips, which hang downside from the peak cover. While the printer’s upper cover is open, the LED heads will be viewing you directly. Clean all the x4 LED black glass strips employing an alcohol wipe and soft tissue or a soft cloth.

Q. How to check toner cartridge when improper cartridge lock position is shown?

This error reveals that the toner cartridge is not fixed properly.

1.Press the cover free (A) and unlock the output tray completely.
If the toner cartridge is not fixed, follow the given item to fit it.
Q. “TONER EMPTY” is shown.

If the toner cartridge is fixed glide the lock to the right to undo the toner cartridge for the time being, and then slip the lock back to the left to safeguard the toner cartridge.

 Seal the output tray and push down tightly thus the cover latches closed.

If the fault is not resolved following the toner cartridge is rearrange, this may be since the belt unit is not correctly fitted thus the image drum goes upward.
Q. How to resolve paper size error?


The printer prints on the paper of a dimension dissimilar from what is prescribed for printing. Verify the dimension and orientation of the loaded paper in the tray signified by the error. 1. Check the paper dimensions and orientation given on the paper dial of the paper-feeding tray shown by the error. 2. Drag the cassette out from the tray wherever the error has happened and validate the dimension and direction of the paper within the cassette. If the paper dimension or direction given on the size dial is dissimilar from that of the paper within the cassette, pursue the process beneath to modify the paper. 3. Fix the paper guide and then paper stopper to the paper dimension and direction recommended son the paper dial. 4. Dust the paper well, level align the sides of paper, and then load the paper into the cassette keeping the print side facing down. 5. Set the paper in place through the paper guide and paper stopper. 6. Put in the paper cassette again into the tray. 7. Drag the lever, and then again open and close the facade cover to attempt printing again.