How to Install HP Printer Without Disk?

Did you receive an HP printer with no installation CD, or did you misplace the CD and now want your old HP printer to connect with another PC? Installing an HP printer without any CD is quite simple on present operating systems, and in numerous cases, you won’t even require to do anything. If you are presently facing some challenges, check the below-mentioned steps to find out how to set up it on almost any operating systems. You can also solve your printer related issues by contacting HP Customer Support if you face any other technical problems.

hp support number

Connecting an HP printer to your PC without disk can be done by following below steps:

Although most of the contemporary HP printers get installed easily as soon as they are plugged into your computer system if in case this does not occur you have two choices. The first choice is to install the HP printer manually by going into your Control Panel and discovering your printer in the Device and Printers menu. Second is by visiting HP website and downloading the driver manually by choosing the model of your printer.

Installing an HP printer without the disk

These are there are three ways by which you can set up an HP printer in any of your computer systems. If further you experience any technical issues or are incapable to install the printer you can contact HP Printer Support and the professionals at this helpline are ready to help you. Through HP phone number, you can also file your complaint, and an experienced technician would be sent to your place to offer full assistance. Therefore, first try to set up the printer on your own if it still doesn’t work out then you can call anytime HP Printers support to offer you guidance.

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